The Justice for Melissa Roxas (J4MR) campaign is a broadly-carried initiative of organizations, churches, and individuals who support Melissa Roxas, an American victim of state-sponsored abduction and torture in the Philippines, and her pursuit of justice and accountability.

The Justice for Melissa Roxas campaign demands:

Justice for Melissa Roxas and justice for all victims of state-sponsored human rights violations in the Philippines!

Points of Unity

  1. Despite the claims of the Philippine government, it is a documented fact that Melissa Roxas, an American citizen, was abducted on May 19th, 2009 while on a medical mission in La Paz, Tarlac. Roxas was held against her will and tortured via physical beatings and asphyxiation for the duration of her captivity until she surfaced in Quezon City on May 25th, 2009.
  2. Melissa Roxas is a victim and survivor of a human rights violation and a crime. We seek the immediate and complete rehabilitation of Roxas for the physical and psychological trauma that has resulted from her ordeal in the Philippines.
  3. We seek justice for Melissa Roxas, and are concerned that the perpetrators of her abduction and torture will not be prosecuted under the law because of the pattern of impunity in the Philippines. This impunity must end and justice should be pursued to the full extent of the law. This includes a criminal investigation, prosecution of the abductors, and accountability from all related parties, including state and international parties.
  4. We endorse the credibility of United Nations, Special Rappourteur on Extra-judicial Killings, Philip Alston’s report on the Philippines, which indicates that the Philippine military, although in a state of denial, is mainly responsible for the pattern of killings, abductions, tortures, and unlawful detainments in the Philippines.
  5. We endorse the credibility of the United Nations Committee Against Torture’s 2009 report that the Philippine military employs torture on its detainees.
  6. We agree there is a human rights crisis in the Philippines perpetuated mainly by the Philippine military.
  7. We seek a just and lasting end to the human rights crisis in the Philippines.
  8. To strengthen and enforce human rights conditions on all U.S. military aid to the Philippines.